About us

About us

Since the foundation of NewMediaPS in 1997 we announced a striving approach to empower business reach and communication tools and help companies go by their marketing duties with ease, efficiency and instant proactivity; to attain such capacities a role of special marketing dynamics was seen essential to act over traditional and mostly passive techniques, thus we worked hard to design our own proprietary practice methodology in aim to proceed such a challenging grant. NewMedia Progressive Societies (NewMediaPS) was based on the idea of "Broad Skills Exchange - BSE" where resources of global nature are connected in a highly systematic framework to exchange professional services, experiences and even deliverable.

Our foundation came as an initiative brought by NewMediaPS's founder Mr. Mohannad Kassab in UK-London; upon establishing the roots of "Broad Skills Exchange - BSE" Program and gathering the required resources to proceed our mission throughout the middle Eastern countries starting from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Endless Creativity

We deliver a wide range of options, thanks to our "Broad Skills Exchange - BSE" program that allows us to benefit the work, skills and experiences of top designers from all-over the world. 

Added Value

 It's in our promise to offer our customers more, via various applications, we make sure that our customers are getting the best value where needed.

Competitive Pricing

 NewMediaPS has always maintained competitive pricing strategy, flexible budget plans and milestones are all within our provisioning structure in aim to give suitable pricing for any scope of work.

Flexible Offerings

We understand that the needs should vary from customer to another, thus we made it possible for customers choose from many contracting options where their needs are best suited.