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NewMediaPS has been one of few companies who specialized in website design and development in Saudi Arabia since 2001, we understand that your website is your frontier and it represents you in many ways, our development skills availed today give our customers many options to build, manage and maintain very effective yet presentable websites suitable for their business and their segment representation.

Promotional Websites:

mostly developed in HTML5 over Wix or Weebly platforms, their main feature is to look good and brows easily, such websites are great for sales oriented organizations, a storyboard banner that tells your story in 5 seconds will help your audiences recognize your business easily, simple and constant navigation will direct them with convenience to your marketing message.

Interactive Websites:

Interactive websites are great for 2 way communication, they enable website visitors with many interactive features that makes too easy for them to interact with your content, rating, sharing, likes and comments are associated with almost every page or post, if you are posting the right content to the right audiences, make sure that an interactive website could easily get viral, Interactive websites are usually developed over WordPress platform and linked to search engines, so if you are looking for better google ranking, an interactive website is your best option.

Functional Websites:

for businesses that require functional management of their business activities over the website, or customers who require commerce tools, the functional website is the right option, ready-made e-commerce and online automation tools such as subscription management, logistic management, shipment tracking in addition to many other effective tools are available, yet our customers should be relaxed for more complex or customized requirements since our web development teams  are ready to bring your business ideas to life.   


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