Social Media Marketing

Social Media & Digital Marketing

NewMediaPS has rolled out many challenging “interactive marketing” helping organization establish trustworthy two-way communication with their clients.

  • Online Tools

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Market Research

  • Copy-writing

  • Digital PR

  • Media Coverage

  • Event e-Management


Research & Analysis:

Developing a case study about our customers helps us to define "What GOOD looks like".


  • Basic requirements

  • Evaluate Social Media influence

  • Test feedback

Benchmark Analysis:

  • Industry leaders (within segment)

  • Listening to you competitors

  • Define success elements


Building Strategy:

Defining the right strategy is very important for efficiency of your campaign, it’s also important to make sure that your budgets are well suited and utilized. Social media remains a new business with special tools and gears, that requires suitable knowledge-base of IT and applications. 

  • Define the message

  • Set the time-line

  • Allocate resources

  • Review the budget

  • Tune the Action Plan


Building Content:

"Content is King", Bill Gates, people will find you through the web, that means that they will eventually user “WORDS”, that makes building and designing your content a crucial mission.  

  • Copyrights development (text content)

  • Graphics design (Visual tools) i.e. infographic, digital cards, digital banners and ads

  • Multi-media production


Content Marketing:

Streaming your content via Ads, posts and interaction delivers the required exposure of your marketing message. our social media agents will offer the right management of your accounts.

  • Publishing

  • Ads

  • Interaction


Management & Reporting:

Focus on your business and clients and let us take care of keeping your updated, our agents provide several types of reports including:

  • Statistics 

  • Context analysis

  • Influence Reports


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